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Kim and Tim

Kim and Tim arrived in town a couple of hours ago around 11:00 am to see Dad. They came up with Grammie in their new nice “cash for clunkers” ride. Nice to see them visit. Dad was glad to see them as well and appreciated that they made the drive. For lunch he had parmesan chicken, green beans, pickled beets and some fruit. For once it tasted good, actually ate a good portion.

Dr. Bibler came up to talk with Dad today. He finally got to draw his operation on his pillow. It’s called the “Bentall Procedure.” It was first described in 1968 by Hugh Bentall and is your standard treatment for valve disease. The normal surgery time takes 3-5 hours, and Dad was right within that window. I posted a link above where the Texas Heart Institute describes their patients. Most in depth one I could find. -Adam

Kim, Tim and Grammie with Dad

Good Morning

It is Saturday morning, mom and I are up here seeing Dad. He is just now getting ready to take a shower, for the most part, on his own. Once he is out he is going to them be able to put on some clothes, underwear, pants and a shirt. No more hospital gown. Dad said he slept well once again last night. They only woke him up once at 4:00am to check his vitals and what not. Breakfast was better, he had cold cereal, a banana, a piece of sausage, and a slice of french toast.

Mom says it still seems like Dad may be able to go home tomorrow. They want to make sure and get his Coumidin levels correct before they send him off. Once we are back at home we will still try and update this blog as much as possible. Adam and I will be gone Monday through maybe Thursday, so we will see how that will work with updating you guys.

Love, Lauren


A nurse just came in to talk with Dad about a medication he will be on the rest of his life. It’s coumadin, and it prevents blood clots and is a blood thinner. Doctors will always keep a close eye on his blood levels.

He’s never really taken medication, but now will have to take this  5 mg “orange” pill daily. Some things he will start to have a routine for. He won’t be able to eat much green vegtables each week to offset his blood levels. He has the option to wear a bracelet that will easily let doctors know that he is on the prescription.

Right now he’s taking a nap. He said he has no appetitite right now but would like some BETTER food. The stuff he’s had he said they haven’t been good at all. As he was laying down just a second ago, he could hear his new valve working by his breathing if you listen closely. -Adam

Friday News

I have been here since about 11:00am, Dad was a little tired when I got here, but now he is really kickin’. After lunch he did a breathing treatment, Joel’s Parents stopped in on there way to McCook, and he got up for a walk, an entire lap around this floor. Right now Tim and Grammie are visiting again, dad is loving having these visitors. It keeps him awake too, which is good. He seems to be more “himself” when he is talking to people. I like to see him like that. Grammie said Kim and Tim are going to try and be here tomorrow, good news to dad. Hopefully one of us kids are around for that to get a photo of them all together.

Lunch wasn’t the best today either, but Del the Nurse said that it will take awhile for him to get his appetite back. Dad claims that nothing tastes really good. He does he the fruit every meal though.  

Dad is basically all un-hooked from the machines. He was taken off of the Insulin, Morphine, and whatever else he was hooked up to. Now he is able to get up and go to the bathroom also. The nurse says that maybe dad will be able to head home on Sunday, maybe in the afternoon. But, of course, we will keep you updated on that. They wouldn’t send him home early of course, but if he is well enough, being at home will be nice for him. And I think Oliver the cat knows something is up. He doesn’t seem to be himself.

Love, Lauren

(Adam will post some more pictures later, I don’t know how to do it)

Late Night Visit

Just stopped by to see Dad following my night at work. I got here at around 11:00 pm. Since the West Tower doors lock at 9:00 pm, you have to enter in at the Emergency doors. That’s quite a walk around through the main entrance, admissions, and even the surgical operating room. This is a big hospital!

Quiet night up on PCU. I stepped right into his room and Dad had his eyes on FOX NEWS. He was surprised to see me, forgot I was coming up. He told me he made a walk at 10:00 about half way as he did earlier. He wanted to get up and it was his preferrance to go for one. Before that he had a few grapes and some sherbert.

I know in the morning he chose to have Oatmeal.  I will leave here soon and keep you informed tomorrow afternoon. -Adam

Nurses and family have signed Dad's "heart-hugger" pillow after the first few days. He looks great.

Nurses and family have signed Dad's "heart hugger." He's looking forward to Dr. Bibler writing on it. Karl told us he will draw his procedure process.

Getting ready for Bed

Today was a great day again. Dad had some more tubes removed. Dr. Bibler came in after supper time and removed some tubes from his chest and put a new bandage on his incision. He also had the catheter removed. I believe later tonight he is going to be taken off of the Insulin.

Uncle Jeff stopped up for a visit today, as well as Grammie and Tim. Grammie even snuck him in a few Snickers bars. He won’t be able to eat them for awhile, but hey, it is a goal to look forward to.

For supper Dad ate Swiss Steak (some, said it wasn’t the best), baked potato, jello, chocolate mousse, a dinner roll, and even a little sip of coffee. At the moment, as I type this, dad is sleeping. Last night he was woke up quite often to check his vitals and blood sugar. He only took about an hour long nap this afternoon as well. He is tired! The nurse came in a bit ago. She wants dad to get up and walk once more before trying to get a good rest tonight. We see lots of  faces around here. The nurses only work about twice a week and about twelve hours at a time.

Adam will try and put more pictures up tomorrow. Us kids and mom have to work tomorrow night, being that it is the weekend, so we will post as much as we can. I am glad you all like the pictures. Stay in touch, we love you all.

Love, Lauren

Uncle Scott

Samantha, Macie and Sydney made Uncle Scott a “get well soon” sign following surgery. How thoughtful and loving! I know he would love the company of family being here, little things like this make it feel like they are here. I’m glad this blog has been successful like he hoped. He really enjoyed the picture! -Adam

The Nieces

One Lap

Dad just completed a lap around his floor, the farthest he’s gone yet. He made it all the way through without stopping for a rest. He’s already walked twice today, and will continue to more tomorrow. Cindy, the cardiac therapist that walks with Dad each time is very thrilled by his work. Grammie just stopped by here. She brought Snicker bars because Dad joked about wanting one yesterday. We’ll see when he can eat that. It’s those things that you crave that are hitting him. I would bet he wants a root beer too. He even has the option to have a burger tomorrow. -Adam

Dad's walk

Window View

Dad's PCU RoomJust arrived to see Dad with Lauren at 12:00. Got here right as his lunch was given to him: slice of turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, salad and peaches. He said he’s been active this morning. Had a sponge bath which made him feel good. He made a walk to the end of the hallway and had breakfast of Rice Krispies cereal at 8:00. Tomorrow he has the choice of picking his meals from a select few choices. His nurse Brad last night kept a good eye on Dad every 30 minutues. Around 1 am, Dad asked for some sherbet and orange juice. Must have hit the spot cause he kept having more. He’s got FOX NEWS on his television. His PCU room has a nice view on 2nd Avenue and he knew where he was at because he could tell the buildings outside his window. -Adam

Dad's window view

PCU Room

Nurses got Dad moved up to the PCU (Progressive Care Unit) in his own room, #6327, around 9:00 tonight. All in all, Dad has gotten up 3 times today, which is solid. Each following day he will continue to forge ahead in terms of walking distance. Before we know, nurses said he will be doing 1 lap, then 2, then 3 around the hallways. He’s regaining strength in his body quickly.

We got there at 8:15 am this morning and just left at 9:30 pm. You can tell he wants to rest, and he should get another good night of sleep. His second meal will be in the morning at 6:00 am for breakfast.

Two days have elapsed quite fast. I’ll post more updates tomorrow about Dad. Day 2 down in the books =)