Today was a great day again. Dad had some more tubes removed. Dr. Bibler came in after supper time and removed some tubes from his chest and put a new bandage on his incision. He also had the catheter removed. I believe later tonight he is going to be taken off of the Insulin.

Uncle Jeff stopped up for a visit today, as well as Grammie and Tim. Grammie even snuck him in a few Snickers bars. He won’t be able to eat them for awhile, but hey, it is a goal to look forward to.

For supper Dad ate Swiss Steak (some, said it wasn’t the best), baked potato, jello, chocolate mousse, a dinner roll, and even a little sip of coffee. At the moment, as I type this, dad is sleeping. Last night he was woke up quite often to check his vitals and blood sugar. He only took about an hour long nap this afternoon as well. He is tired! The nurse came in a bit ago. She wants dad to get up and walk once more before trying to get a good rest tonight. We see lots of  faces around here. The nurses only work about twice a week and about twelve hours at a time.

Adam will try and put more pictures up tomorrow. Us kids and mom have to work tomorrow night, being that it is the weekend, so we will post as much as we can. I am glad you all like the pictures. Stay in touch, we love you all.

Love, Lauren