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Moving to a Room

Dad’s nurse just came in and said dad will be moving to a room in PCU tonight. It seemed to be all a matter of finding a bed, it sounded as if it were full up there. So that is good news. The nurse said that it will be quieter up there, he can rest better, and heal up. Right now we are in ICU and right across the hall from the nurses station, so we can hear things beeping, people talking, and so on. Which isn’t too bad, but it will be nice to be upstairs in a more private room.

Grandpa and Donna were here today, as well as Grammie. Dad likes to have the visitors and it is nice for everyone to see him looking well. He is getting more color back in his skin.

Not much exciting has happened today. The respiratory therapist has been having dad do breathing treatments every 4 hours. She also mentioned that we need to have dad do this smaller hand-held treatment every hour tomorrow. This is to prevent pneumonia and keep the lungs working great.

To move dad up a floor they will get him up, walk a short way, ride a wheelchair up, and then get re-situated in a bed. It is good to get him up walking.

We will be going home soon I am sure, it is 8:10pm here, to let dad and ourselves get a rest. Maybe we will wait until he moves upstairs if it is not too long until we do that. We will write more tomorrow, and make it as exciting as we can. Keep in touch. Thanks for the monkey, dad loves it, even took a short cat nap with it. Thanks for the love and support.

-Love, Lauren

Meal Time

Sorry I couldn’t post until now. The internet browser would not pull up websites from the Hospital network.

Dad had his first meal since surgery a roughly 2 hours ago. It consisted of scalloped potatoes with ham, green peas, celery and carrot sticks, jello and milk. He ate a decent portion, but stopped after he ate a carrot which was hard hard to digest from being hard to chew. Dad said that’s “one expensive meal.” I included a picture of it below.

It’s 7:45 and he will be in a room by tomorrow morning. He received a monkey from Tonja, Tracy, Gabe and the girls symbolizing Mr. Stubbs, his favorite stuffed animal from childhood that he carried everywhere. -Adam


Second Walk

Dad just completed his second walk. Lots of pressure on his back and chest make it hard to stand up. The same walking procedure though, slowly and surely behind a wheelchair. This time, he walked a little farther outside of his sitting spot. Now he’s resting in his ICU room bed, upon his preference. He’s well bundled up after getting the chills. He wants to eat tonight, so we’ll see what he’s offered. Maybe mashed potato, something easy for him to eat. -Adam

First Walk

Dad just had a short walk in the ICU building. He got up out of his chair and had an approximate 10 foot walk with the balance of a wheelchair. So he’s getting stronger. He’ll probably nap a lot today and continue to do tests with the nurses. He’s done two breathing tests this morning and those went well.



Just arrived here at the hospital for Dad’s second day. He moved up to ICU around 5 am this morning and is currently resting in a lazy-boy chair. Right as we walked in he welcomed Mom and I. The first thing he’s ate this morning is an orange jello. It’s good to see him leaning up and sitting forward in the chair and talking with us. I asked him if he remembered anything about yesterday and he said just his shower and talking to us late at night.

Doctor Bibler said his vitals will all be taken off today, and he should move to a room by tonight possibly. A room has to be available to change places. He’s still in great shape, his blood pressure etc.

Grandpa just stopped by to see Dad for the first time. He could tell Dad is worn out and would like to just keep his eyes closed to rest.

I’ll update more this afternoon. I’m glad you’re all enjoying the updates. Grandpa said how unique this has been and it’s definitely Dad. -Adam

Day One

Day one was great for Dad. My Mom, Lindsay, Lauren and I all visited with him for the last time of the night at 7:30 pm. He should have a great night sleep tonight. His eyes were open the whole time as we we’re in and it’s the first time he could briefly talk to us post-surgery. My Dad said his chest is really hurting him. You can see his struggle on his face for comfort. Doctors say tomorrow is the hardest recovery day after heart surgery just because of the pain.

My Mom and I plan to head up first thing in the morning to see him at 8:00 am. Doctors want him active tomorrow with little things to get his body moving. I can’t wait to see him then. It’s definitely not the same with him not here at home.

Love, Adam

Open Eyes

Just went in to do a second visit on Dad. All his tests are doing very well. We were able to talk with him and he could nod his head for us. He’s such a strong guy and you can tell he is in quite a bit of pain. We got to hold his hand and I’m sure that meant a lot to him.

He will move up to a room tomorrow as Dr. Bibler will continue to watch him. Down in the surgery area Dr. Bibler is doing an emergency surgery on another patient, so that is why they are not moving dad up until the morning. But actually that is good, because the Doctor will be right there next to dad keeping an eye on him.  We’ll go visit him one more time tonight sround 7:30pm and come back to see him tomorrow around 8:00am. It’s been a very successful day.

Love Adam, Lauren, Lindsay and Tracie.

Surgery Done, Saw Dad

Saw dad just a bit ago. He actually looks well, a bit swollen like the nurses warned, still hooked up to machines, but looking well. All vitals are good and they are slowly bringing him out of anaesthesia. He should be in ICU around 6:00pm. After that he will be taken off of the ventilator and on oxygen in ICU.

Tomorrow should be a tough day as we were told. They are going to get him up, walking through the halls,get him eating. They want the new valve to be working good and pumping the blood. He will be tough through it, he has a strong will.

Lauren, Adam, Tracie and Lindsay

Brand New

Dad’s new heart valve is working great. Dr. Bibler just stopped by to talk with us and let us know that Dad is doing great. No bleeding or problems. He’s off the bypass machine and his heart is running his body. He is not on any heart medication, it is all his body and heart doing the work. Which is great.

Dr. Bibler said we should be able to see him in about an hour. He will look pale and a little puffy but all in all, good shape. After we see Dad, he will be in ICU and being monitored. Since the surgery has taken a little longer than planned, they should have him up to eat his first food during breakfast tomorrow. And also tomorrow they will have him walking around.

Stay tuned in for more. -Lauren, Adam & Tracie


Got a call from the nurse, it is about 1:10pm here and it looks like it will be about 45 minutes to an hour from now that he can be off the bypass machine. Then they can watch to make sure the heart can function on its own. We will keep the updates coming as we hear them.

Everything is still positive here, thanks for viewing and staying updated.

Love, Lauren