Kim and Tim arrived in town a couple of hours ago around 11:00 am to see Dad. They came up with Grammie in their new nice “cash for clunkers” ride. Nice to see them visit. Dad was glad to see them as well and appreciated that they made the drive. For lunch he had parmesan chicken, green beans, pickled beets and some fruit. For once it tasted good, actually ate a good portion.

Dr. Bibler came up to talk with Dad today. He finally got to draw his operation on his pillow. It’s called the “Bentall Procedure.” It was first described in 1968 by Hugh Bentall and is your standard treatment for valve disease. The normal surgery time takes 3-5 hours, and Dad was right within that window. I posted a link above where the Texas Heart Institute describes their patients. Most in depth one I could find. -Adam

Kim, Tim and Grammie with Dad