A nurse just came in to talk with Dad about a medication he will be on the rest of his life. It’s coumadin, and it prevents blood clots and is a blood thinner. Doctors will always keep a close eye on his blood levels.

He’s never really taken medication, but now will have to take this  5 mg “orange” pill daily. Some things he will start to have a routine for. He won’t be able to eat much green vegtables each week to offset his blood levels. He has the option to wear a bracelet that will easily let doctors know that he is on the prescription.

Right now he’s taking a nap. He said he has no appetitite right now but would like some BETTER food. The stuff he’s had he said they haven’t been good at all. As he was laying down just a second ago, he could hear his new valve working by his breathing if you listen closely. -Adam