Just stopped by to see Dad following my night at work. I got here at around 11:00 pm. Since the West Tower doors lock at 9:00 pm, you have to enter in at the Emergency doors. That’s quite a walk around through the main entrance, admissions, and even the surgical operating room. This is a big hospital!

Quiet night up on PCU. I stepped right into his room and Dad had his eyes on FOX NEWS. He was surprised to see me, forgot I was coming up. He told me he made a walk at 10:00 about half way as he did earlier. He wanted to get up and it was his preferrance to go for one. Before that he had a few grapes and some sherbert.

I know in the morning he chose to have Oatmeal.  I will leave here soon and keep you informed tomorrow afternoon. -Adam

Nurses and family have signed Dad's "heart-hugger" pillow after the first few days. He looks great.

Nurses and family have signed Dad's "heart hugger." He's looking forward to Dr. Bibler writing on it. Karl told us he will draw his procedure process.