It is Saturday morning, mom and I are up here seeing Dad. He is just now getting ready to take a shower, for the most part, on his own. Once he is out he is going to them be able to put on some clothes, underwear, pants and a shirt. No more hospital gown. Dad said he slept well once again last night. They only woke him up once at 4:00am to check his vitals and what not. Breakfast was better, he had cold cereal, a banana, a piece of sausage, and a slice of french toast.

Mom says it still seems like Dad may be able to go home tomorrow. They want to make sure and get his Coumidin levels correct before they send him off. Once we are back at home we will still try and update this blog as much as possible. Adam and I will be gone Monday through maybe Thursday, so we will see how that will work with updating you guys.

Love, Lauren