As I reach the three week mark (tomorrow), I’m gaining more strength every day.  I was back at my desk this morning, but only for a couple hours at a time.  It was good to be back at my desk, and the chest pain is still quite manageable.  I took a short afternoon nap.

I start my cardiac rehab in the morning tomorrow.  I’m anxious to get going with Jed (my therapist), and eventually get back to 110%.  I’m sure that I will feel better than ever.

The kids started back to class this morning, so I’m back to being all alone again.  It will be a bit of a nuisance until I can drive again.  Dr. Bibler had said that I would not be able to drive at least until the 4-week mark.  So hopefully, I’ll get my keys back next week.

I was out for a nice walk on Friday around the UNK Campus, and then Tracie, Lindsay and I took a neighborhood walk last night.  Today was too hot, so I didn’t attempt to go tonight.  I’m hoping to get back on my bicycle in another 4 weeks or so.  I know it is too early at this point, since I can’t put any undue pressure on the sternum.  I will also need to change my diet, along with the new exercise regimen.  But one step at a time.  By the way, alot of you have mentioned that I look thinner, I have lost 25 pounds.  I’m down to 201, so Dr. Jensen can’t say I’m not “obese” any longer, now I’m just “overweight.”   Since I’m not growing any taller, I still need to lose another 20 pounds. 😉

…getting stronger!