Well, I have made it through the week.  It’s getting really old to just sit in this recliner all day, and I’m really hopefull that tomorrow we might be able to make an attempt to venture upstairs, and maybe even outside.

The weather has been fairly warm all week, and it’s actually a lot cooler in the basment anyway, I just miss seeing out the windows.  Almost feels like prison, albeit self imposed.

I’ve got the full beard growing, as I’m a bit psyched about shaving just yet.  Tracie asked me if I would use an electric razor, and I might consider it if it were a better razor.  I actually have a three-head Remmington, that  doesn’t work very well.  It may be just that it is old (and dull), but anytime I use it I get a rash on my neck and it hurts for a couple days.  My skin is supersensitive, and it seems to just “rip” the whiskers out, and not cut them.  Anyway, I don’t really like the beard, so I may end up shaving soon.

Lauren came over around lunch, and we both got a chance to take a nap.  Lauren was really tired, and probably needd the rest more than me.

I think the construction is done on the front porch, and now we just need to get the concrete curbing done, and then replant the bushes.  I haven’t seen anything yet, but am looking forward to see the difference it makes when all finished.

I have two follow appointments scheduled with my medical team.  On the 18th I will see Dr. Denney, and then Dr. Bibler on the 25th.  I think afterwards I will start my rehabilitation at the hospital.  I still get the “shakes” quite badly when I exert myself at all, even just a little bit.  I’m not sure what is causing the problem, but it is frustrating.  When I start to tremble, it only lasts a few minutes, but it is totally uncontrollable.  I plan to ask Dr. Denney about this when I see him.  Nobody at the hospital could explain it, when it was happening there.

Well, this is the latest I’ve been up all week, so I think I’m going to head to bed.  TTYL.  XXXOOO