Hi Everyone.  Sorry I haven’t been very active in posting anything here this week.  I know everyone is wondering how I have been doing.

Since my last post, I have been outside a couple times to visit the Kearney Clinic to have my Coumadin levels tested.  They have a test called a PT/INR, that checks the clotting ability (thickness) of my blood.  Coumadin keeps my by blood thin enough so that it will still clot if I start to bleed, but not so thick that it will collect on my new mechanical valve in my heart.  They want me to maintain a constant level between 2.5 to 3.5.  Currently my doctor has me taking 5mg and 6mg of Coumadin alternating every day, 5 then 6, then 5 every day at 4:00, etc.

I am able to get up and down the stairs on my own (albeit slowly), but at least I am not feeling “trapped” in the basement any longer.  I was able to sit on the deck Tuesday evening and eat dinner outside.  The weather has been lovely, very “un-summer like” this week, but is expected to heat back up this weekend.

I had a terrible bout over the past weekend with constipation, but medicine helped to clear that up after a few days and some pretty intense pain.  Thankfully that has passed, and not bothering me any longer.

I have another procedure this morning to check the functionality of my new valve this morning.  The procedure is called a valve fluoroscopy, and will take about 90 minutes in the cath lab. 

I will probably update again later today.