Dr. Bibler’s Nurse arrived to update us once again. Dad is currently getting the valve placed. It is a very intricate process, stiching it up. She thinks this part will be about another half an hour. It will be an hour to an hour and a half until when we can see him. They will then watch his inside for about 4 more hours after the surgery to make sure everything is flowing well and there is no internal bleeding. He’ll able to get off his ventilator when he goes to his situated room later tonight.┬áThe nurse also believes that he will be able to sit up and eat some supper late tonight. We should be able to talk with him and he should be aware of what we’re saying. So that’s good news.

To close the chest they will wire his chest bone together, stich up the tissue with dissolveable stiches, and close his chest with antibacterial “krazy glue” as she put it. This will keep out infections and seal it nicely.

Time is going a lot smoother than I thought it would.

Adam & Lauren