Dad's PCU RoomJust arrived to see Dad with Lauren at 12:00. Got here right as his lunch was given to him: slice of turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, salad and peaches. He said he’s been active this morning. Had a sponge bath which made him feel good. He made a walk to the end of the hallway and had breakfast of Rice Krispies cereal at 8:00. Tomorrow he has the choice of picking his meals from a select few choices. His nurse Brad last night kept a good eye on Dad every 30 minutues. Around 1 am, Dad asked for some sherbet and orange juice. Must have hit the spot cause he kept having more. He’s got FOX NEWS on his television. His PCU room has a nice view on 2nd Avenue and he knew where he was at because he could tell the buildings outside his window. -Adam

Dad's window view