Just went in to do a second visit on Dad. All his tests are doing very well. We were able to talk with him and he could nod his head for us. He’s such a strong guy and you can tell he is in quite a bit of pain. We got to hold his hand and I’m sure that meant a lot to him.

He will move up to a room tomorrow as Dr. Bibler will continue to watch him. Down in the surgery area Dr. Bibler is doing an emergency surgery on another patient, so that is why they are not moving dad up until the morning. But actually that is good, because the Doctor will be right there next to dad keeping an eye on him. ¬†We’ll go visit him one more time tonight sround 7:30pm and come back to see him tomorrow around 8:00am. It’s been a very successful day.

Love Adam, Lauren, Lindsay and Tracie.