I’m plugging away slow but steady.  I’m really not in any hurry to feel better faster yet though.  I’m contented to take each day slowly, and take what it gives me.  I am a bit tired of being coupled up in the basement, and would like the fresh air, but it’s been really hot anyway.

In addition to the Coumadin, which I’ll take forever, I’m taking another 10 different meds, some twice daily, some only once, and one three times a day.  The pain pills I am taking every 4 hours, and the effect doesn’t seem to be lasting as long.  So by the time the next 4 hours passes, my chest is starting to hurt.  It’s most painful at night btetween doses.  It takes about 20-30 minutes for it to take effect.  I should be done with most of the meds by the end of next week.

Sternal Precautions

You don’t realize how much pressure you put on your sternum, until you can’t.  It’s really difficult to keep at the top of your awareness, not to push, or pull, or lift.  Everything has to be done with your legs.   It even hurts to lay on my side at night.  And of course chest laying is completely out of the question.

Tomorrow is another day.