Just arrived here at the hospital for Dad’s second day. He moved up to ICU around 5 am this morning and is currently resting in a lazy-boy chair. Right as we walked in he welcomed Mom and I. The first thing he’s ate this morning is an orange jello. It’s good to see him leaning up and sitting forward in the chair and talking with us. I asked him if he remembered anything about yesterday and he said just his shower and talking to us late at night.

Doctor Bibler said his vitals will all be taken off today, and he should move to a room by tonight possibly. A room has to be available to change places. He’s still in great shape, his blood pressure etc.

Grandpa just stopped by to see Dad for the first time. He could tell Dad is worn out and would like to just keep his eyes closed to rest.

I’ll update more this afternoon. I’m glad you’re all enjoying the updates. Grandpa said how unique this has been and it’s definitely Dad. -Adam