After two full days home and two nights of rest is my own bed, I’m gaining strength each day.  I was so eager to eat home cooking, but I think my tastebuds are still on hospital time.


I had a pretty good nights sleep on Sunday evening, with just one minor bump during the night.  Sometime around 3:45 I awoke needing to take my pain pills, but had forgot to set them bedside before going to sleep.  So thinking I could just sit up and go out in the other room, I attempted to get out of bed.  Easier asid than done, when you are half asleep.  I struggled to get my feet over the edge of the bed and then even more trouble setting up.  After “rocking 1-2-3”, I tried to sit up.  I didn’t quite make it and fell over in bed on my left shoulder, which compressed my chest.  That hurt quite badly.  I laid there with my feet over the edge, and my head resting on Tracie for about 20 minutes, before I could manage to finally get set up.  Then I stood up and got my pills.  After taking the pills and getting back in bed, I woke Tracie and she got me tucked in, and told me not to try that again.

Lauren came by after Tracie went off to work, to make sure I got up OK.  She got me situated in my recliner, and then she and Adam left for WOF/OOF in Kansas City.  The kids had planned their trip before my surgery, and I insisted that they still go and have some FUN, before getting back to classes in a couple weeks.

After some Corn Flakes for breakfast, most of the morning I just lounged around, watching my favorite FOX News.  Susan stopped by to see me in the morning, and mom came by shortly after lunch.  Then the “FUN” began.  We have been waiting for a few weeks for a construction crew to come by the house to break up the front walkway and stoop.  I was really hoping that they would come by when I was in the hospital.  No luck, they showed up yesterday with their JACKHAMMERS!

I had mom get me positioned in bed with everything I might need, until the end of the afternoon.  I put my headphones on, with the radio blaring, closed the door, and put a pillow over my head.  I could still hear the noise, but was eventually able to get to sleep.  By the time I woke, they had finished.  Thank Goodness. for small things.

Tracie fixed me a hot dog for dinner, and it really tasted good.  I also had a bowl of jello and juice.  Dad and Donna came over for a little visit after they closed the shop.

I got a comfortable shower and off to bed.


An even better nights sleep on Monday evening.  Preplanning with the pain pills and water allowed me just to sit up and take my pills.  Tracie was up with me over night to make sure all was allright.  Tracie gets up early to get ready for work, so she gave me another dose of pain pills before I got up, and back to my place on the recliner.

Susan stopped by early and needed some help, which I was able to accomplish, while she was in my office chair.  I grabbed another quick catnap before mom came by around noon.  The construction crew was back, pounding and drilling this time.  Not as bad as yesterday.  I had a bowl of fresh fruit for lunch, which tasted really good.

After Lunch, I took a much longer nap about 2 hours.  Tracie got home from work and gave me my coumadin pills which I have to take for the rest of my life.  They thin my blood so that it doesn’t clot on the new valve.  That would not be good to have a clot after all this.

Tracie got a small pizza for us to share for dinner.  I had one small piece before getting full.  Now I’m really tired having been up for about 4 1/2 hours. So I think I’m call it a day, and get my shower and then to bed.  Been coughing a little tonight, and that really hurts.

Good Night everyone.  I love you guys!