Dad is at home, sitting in the recliner chair, watching TV. It is so nice to have him home and I am sure it feels good to be home. I went up to visit him this morning and the talk was still that he may be able to go home. Before I left to go to work the Doctor came in to undress his incision and take one last look. Before he left the room he said he was finishing up his paperwork. Mom said he was home around 2:30pm. Mom went to fill his perscriptions and we had to organize his pill boxes, one marked AM, one marked PM. For about 2 weeks he will be on some other meds besides his Coumadin.

Grandpa brought Dad a shower chair to help him out in the bathroom. It is actually pretty handy. Half of the chair sits outside the tub shower, he can sit on the edge of it, swing his legs around and over the edge of the tub. It is really handy. Taking a shower kind of exhausts dad, but feels refreshing.

Dad said he is going to try and post soon, possibly tonight, although we want him to stay away from the computer since he is always on it! No work Dad! Keep in touch, ask dad any questions about his surgery. He is sure used to it by know. Love you all.