Hey I’ve survived 4 weeks and my first full week of Cardiac Rehab!

The exercise every morning feels really good now that I’m getting use to it.  My rehab class is M-W-F mornings at the hospital for about 45 minutes.  There are 7 of us, all men, that are there each day.  I’m almost the youngest, there is one other gentleman that is a younger than me.  I would guess that he is probably in his late 30’s.  He too had open heart surgery in early July.  The rest of the crew are probably all in their late 60’s or older.  All the older guys have had bypass surgery or stints, so most of them (maybe all of them) just had surgery through their femoral artery (in the groin).  Which by the way still hurts.

I have been going for about a 1/2 hour walk through the neighborhood on Tues-Thurs morning when I get up and before I settle into my office.  Tracie and I have been going for an evening stroll every night for about another 1/2 hour or so.  As I get my strength back to 100, we will push that evening walk a little longer, my legs just cant take it yet.

The remainder of the pain is really only tightness and pressure now related with the healing of my sternum.  I only need to take an occasional tylenol when I go to bed, so that I get a good nights sleep.

I have a follow up appointment with Dr. Denney on the 25th.  I do know that I will get my flu shot at that time.  I have never gotten a flu shot, but he is saying that I must get one this year.  He has not mentioned anything yet about the H1N1 Swine Flu shot yet, but will probably have to get that also when it is available in October.

I worked my first Volleyball matches for UNK last weekend (Fri-Sat), and have the first Football Games this Weekend.  Kearney HS has a game Friday, and UNK has their home opener on Saturday against NE-Omaha.  I can sit comfortably in the pressbox, and never have to exert much energy, so don’t worry that I’m pushing too hard, too fast.

Well speaking of work, I still have a lot of work to get through for Heartland Hosting, so I’m going to end for now.